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The Biggest Changes Coming in 2020 Real Estate—and What Buyers and Sellers Need to Do

Ten years ago, many homeowners were desperately hoping to hang on to their homes. Others were doing everything they could just to scare up potential buyers. Meanwhile, said buyers were struggling to get financing from newly skittish lenders. Ah, memories. What a difference a decade makes!


Thank you to the Patriotic Americans who gave us the precious gift of their time Saturday 12/14/2019 to place wreaths on the graves of our hero’s at Arlington National Cemetery. We were truly inspired!

38,000 people participated to lay 254,000 wreaths

4 things I learned from reading ‘Your Money or Your Life’ that everyone can do

This book isn’t about making us feel bad for all the ways we’re financially sabotaging our lives; it’s about getting us to daydream about the bigger picture in a world with few “job charmings.” By forcing us to question whether everything is worth it — our jobs, what we buy and how we spend our time — the authors are trying to help us live with enough to maximize our happiness.

……….” They even put a twist in the way they define frugality. “Waste lies not in the number of possessions but in the failure to enjoy them,” they write. “Your success at being frugal is measured not by your penny-pinching but by your degree of enjoyment of the material world.” Which, yeah, sounds lovely.”



My Open Houses



For the homes/neighborhoods/ price points scheduled each week.



We have 9 new Realtors for the start of 2020.  Stop by and meet them…


Jemimah Chuks            Laverne Eberhart

Johnetta Worthy          Matt McKenzie

Kimberly Page             SerMae Scindian

Latoya Wright             Ryan Hunsucker

Joanne Wingrove


These 10 Renovation Trends Will Be Popular in 2020

When you own a home, it never seems to be quite finished. In the quest to make it as comfortable, functional, and up to date as possible, there's always something to be repaired, replaced, or improved. If you're busy dreaming up new projects for the new year,……………. 2020 Home Renovation Trends

  • Surfaces will stay in Spotlight
  • Home Wellness is on the rise
  • Saving Money is the Focus
  • Paint make everything Prettier



The First 15 Things You Need to Do to Declutter Your Entire Life


It’s no secret that a home in disarray creates a less-than-ideal living environment.

The task of decluttering your closets (and therefore minimizing your wardrobe) can feel overwhelming, but taking time to create a peaceful, enjoyable living space improves more than just your aesthetic—it could also improve your overall sense of well-being. Not only is clutter linked to overall life dissatisfaction, but a disorganized household can also induce a cortisol response, negatively impacting mental and physical health.

But where’s the best place to start? Have no fear: We’re here with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to decluttering your life and improving your sense of well-being—one section at a time.




The Psychology Of New Year’s Resolutions

Research has shown that about half of all adults make New Year’s resolutions. However, fewer than 10% manage to keep them for more than a few months.

As a professor of behavioral addiction, I know how easy people can fall into bad habits and why on trying to give up those habits it is easy to relapse. Resolutions usually come in the form of lifestyle changes and changing behavior that has become routine and habitual (even if they are not problematic) can be hard to do.

For some people, it takes something radical for them to change their ways. It took a medical diagnosis to make me give up alcohol and caffeine and it took pregnancy for my partner to give up smoking.

To change your day-to-day behavior, you also have to change your thinking. But there are tried and tested ways that can help people stick to their resolutions

1. Be realistic.

2. Do one thing at a time.


4. Tell someone your resolution

5. Change your behavior with others.

6. Don’t Limit Yourself





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